Payment Methods

We accept payment including VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and Paypal. Other types of expenses will not be accepted.
Time of payment
Due to the extensive work required before printing and shipping your order (e.g., User Content preparation), Buyers will be charged when their order is placed.
If you purchase any merchandise through the degree, you must provide us with information regarding your credit card or other payment instruments. You represent and warrant to delete that such information is accurate and that you are authorized to use the payment instrument.
Payment Process
Please follow the instructions to pay your orders:
Fill in the Shipping Information
Contact Information: Enter your email address to receive order information.
Shipping Address: Enter the address you want to receive the package. Please enter the correct address for the fastest shipping. 
Select the payment method, fill in the information, and click “Place your order.”
If there is a problem with your payment, the mentioned payment methods do not work during checkout; please contact us or email us at [email protected].